I believe the best dogs are made of a strong foundation in bloodlines, good food, lots of love, and most importantly a strong focus on health. 

I am very careful with my french bulldog breeding program to create the best french bulldog puppies possible with good breathing and easier movement. 

We breed Two Kinds of French Bulldogs here......

AKC French Bulldogs


Faux Frenchies

Years ago my daughter and I started a different kind of French Bulldog.............. 

Faux Frenchies are hybrid designer puppy  they are the result of cross breeding a French bulldog and a toy Boston Terrier. 

I call mine Faux frenchie's because I focus on keeping the french bulldog look and personality but just a tad easier movement and a little more nose for easier breathing.


My faux frenchie puppies start with an AKC french bulldog mom and an AKC toy boston dad. 

Most of my faux frenchie puppies are now 3/4 french bulldog and 1/4 boston because my goal is to keep that sweet round french bulldog look. 

They are a wonderful pet that loves people of all ages, and are highly intelligent, short cobby stocky puppies.


Please feel free to surf my pages and drop me an

E-Mail with any questions or comments you might have. kell@rosenet.net


Bloodlines available along with written health guarantee. 

ABOUT JUDY KELL...................